ULMA: Lucas Oil Speedway & Fire Safety System


We have had several calls about teams wanting to come race with ULMA at Lucas Oil Speedway. The only thing these teams had an issue with was purchasing a Fire Safety System. So with the cost of these systems and purchasing the NEW SPEC Head for 2020. ULMA Officials have decided to work with these teams to help them with the initial cost of the Fire Systems.

Starting this week Saturday July 11th Lucas Oil Speedway will offer a separate purse for those who don’t have the fire system.

If you are 100% legal minus the Fire Safety System, Your purse payout will be as follows: 50% of the original purse will be issued in a check, 50% of the original purse will be held by Lucas Oil Speedway in “Bank” under driver name until said driver has enough saved in “Bank” to purchase the Fire Safety System.

(Fire System cost will be $825). ULMA will be using the Multi Fire Systems from Heintz Brothers.

ULMA at that time will purchase the fire system for the driver with the “Bank” money under their name and they will be issued the fire system to install in your late model.

Once the fire system is issued and installed then the car is fully legal and the driver receives full payout each week thereafter.

Payout for Late Models:
ULMA Late Models
Pos. Payout Pos. Payout
1 $700 13 $110
2 $600 14 $100
3 $500 15 $100
4 $400 16 $100
5 $350 17 $100
6 $300 18 $100
7 $250 19 $100
8 $200 20 $100
9 $175 21 $100
10 $150 22 $100
11 $130 23 $100
12 $120 24 $100

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