Race Results 7-21-2018 Springfield Raceway

THANK YOU to ALL Drivers,Crew & Race Fans for attending the Races last night.
Springfield Raceway Results- Junior Bohnstedt Memorial Highlighting The Pure Stocks With a 22 lap feature

Pure Stocks 400 to win the feature
1) Kyle Purvis 2) Randy High 3) James Redus 4) Garrett Tillman 5) Rex Frieze 6) Richard Sparks 7) Tyrel Jones 😎 John Shaver 9) Brandon Sanders 10) Dave Wagy 11) Jordan Goddard 12) Wade Bough 13) Tommy Moser 14) Christopher Sawyer 15) Jacob Cater 16) Richard Harrington 17) Justin Roberts 18) Corey Henson 19) Will Hibdon.
If you didn’t compete you missed a great race. Top 12 redrew from qualifying with Garrett Tillman earning the pole and setting a smooth and quick pace. Every week they put on a great feature and tonight was the best. Kyle Purvis stayed smooth while Jones and Redus were patient. Purvis leads at the half point and then Randy High came to life. Now it was a 5 car battle as the lead was never more than 3-4 cars. Point leader Jones clips the bottom ridge late and Sawyer spins also. High tries for the last 5 laps but Purvis hangs on.
USRA Modifieds
1) Jim Body 2) Ryan Gilmore 3) Jody Tillman 4) Jackie Dalton 5) James Thompson 6) Danny DeMasters 7) Andrew Smith 😎 Nathan Gold Body goes back to back but didn’t have it wasy-earning the pole with “Kid” Gilmore on the outside, Body gets the jumps as the duo were placing slide jobs in turn 2 and stayed nose to tal with point leader Tillman just a tick behind.This battle lasted until lap 13 when Gilmore jumps the cushion in turn 2 allowing Body some breathing room.
USRA B Modifieds
1) Ryan Gilmore 2) Aaron Scroggins 3) Jackie Dalton 4) Lexy VanZandt 5) Sam Petty 6) Rex Merritt 7) Jimmy Body IIII 😎 Bill Schahuber 9) Shawn Duncan 10) Aaron Speck 11) Cody Rider 12) Andy Beauchamp 13) Michael Foster 14) Kelly Hicks 15) Cody Acklin 16) Jacob Long 17) Dillion McCowan 18) Jeff Scroggins 19) Bobby Pearish 20) Mike Mansker
B Ft( Top 4 To A) 1) Schahuber 2) Foster 3) Hicks 4) Acklin 5) Shawn Ply 6) Kyle Long 7) Rod Inman 😎 Mike Green
Dalton and Scroggins in row 1 with Gilmore and Merritti in row 2. Dalton jumps to the opening lead with 2-3 wide action behind. Gilmore starts searching downstairs while Dalton is riding high.The current point leader Dalton and defending champion Gilmore put on a classic battle while Scroggins and Merritt dice it out and the young lady Lexy is coming quickly. Gilmore takes over at half way as Scroggins has caught Dalton for the spot. While Gilmore drives away for the win, 2nd place was a dog fight with 3-4 cars in the hunt. Fast movers in the late long green flag run-included Petty from 14th to a top 5 ans B feature winner Schahuber.
Midwest Modz
1) Scott Campbell 2) Rob Muilenburg 3) Kyle Bates 4) Gary Krebs 5) Justin Wald 6) Ron McClellan 7) Gilbert Roland 😎 Chad Donaldson 9) Kevin Yount 10) Elijah Keepper 11) Tim Mullins 12) Robert High 13) Shawn Carlberg 14) Dakota Maggard 15) Caleb Starnes 16) Ken Walker 17) Kyle Lafferty DQ-Jonathan Dean( failed to pull vaccum)
B Ft( Top 3 To A) 1) McClellan 2) Keepper 3) Yount 4) Dusty Sanderson 5) Justin Yacko 6) Dalton Tidwell 7) Nikki Redus DNS-Ian Morisset, Lacey Menzie
Action, good racing and not leaving anything on the table at the end tonight saw Bates set for his 1st Springfield win taking the top spot from the half way point. Coming quickly were Campbell and Muilenburg and a pack of 5 others. Heading to the checkered flag, Campbell got to the inside of Bates with a strong run into turn 3 with Muilenburg looking for room also. The leaders touched and rubbed with Bates spinning down low and staying in the gas as Campbell held back Muilenburg for the win as cars were all over the place in turn4 from the action. Point leader Keepper got the worst of the deal after coming through the B feature.
1) Dave Comer 2) Grasyn Cox 3) Richard Powell 4) Steve Harshbarger 5) Wayne Johnston 6) Trenton Simon 7) Brad Ives 😎 Chris Powell 9) Rick Nichols 10) Chris Montgomery 11) Colin Bowen 12) Caleb McDugle 13) Charlie Montgomery 14) Dalton Ives 15) James McDugle
2 wide side by side action and sometimes 3 deep, Dave Comer keeps his roll going after a torrid battle with Caleb McDugle during the 1st half of the feature. Cox running a limited schedule this season tries late to catch the veteran but just couldn’t put it together. 2nd place McDugle got caught in a last lap incident coming for the finish which knocked from a runner-up finish.
Next week-Cash money Late Models roll into the Quick-Quarter with racing at 7:45.

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