Midway Results 7/20/2018

Lebanon Midway Results

Lebanon, Mo.- Fresh off a family vacation last week, current USRA Out Pace B Modified National point leader Kris Jackson of Lebanon took the lead from leader and current track point leader Sam Petty after a hard 5 lap door to door battle on lap 11 to gather his 11th Midway feature win of the season in the 20 lap caution feature. The feature saw two graduates from the Midwest Modified class as Dayton Newell and Dillion McCowan brought the grid to the green with Newell grabbing the opening lead as current track point leader Sam Petty following close behind with McCowan and points runner-up Tyler Knudtson following as Jackson started the feature from the 11th starting spot. With a 2 wide move, Petty took command on lap 2 as all eyes were on Jackson slicing through the tough field. Petty began to stretch out the lead as Newell found Jackson along side of him in the race for 2nd place on lap 4 while central Missouri standout Modified driver Eric Turner was coming to life and through the field. With Petty keeping the top spot, Jackson began his charge to the front on lap 6 and the chase was on while Newell and Turner went side by side while defending track champion Tyler Brown was moving forward to a top 5 spot. Up front Jackson began to close the gap as Turner took over 3rd spot. Jackson finally caught the leader Petty and the duo went door to door for 5 solid laps before Jackson was able to swing to the outside lane out of turn 4 on lap 13. Petty tried to overtake Jackson for a couple pf laps but Jackson with his Rage Chassis/Ruble Engines/Van’s Motor Sales 65 held back Petty’s Shaw/Mac’s Engines/John Moore Logging number 9 for the win as Turner took home a solid 3rd place run while Tyler Brown held back Newell for the 4th place spot.as 10 of the 14 starters finished on the lead lap. Heat race wins went to Knudtson and Jackson as a 3 row invert provided a great race program with lots of passing through the entire field.

For the winner, Jackson had to really pick his spots and the competition level provided a driver with planning his moves.” I knew t would be tough tonight as I had Tyler Brown right in front of me and Turner in front of him. With Sam in row 2 and Knudtson in row 3 I had a tough road tonight. The inside lane was tough with heavy hitters and somehow we were able to clear some traffic early which helped. When we stayed green that long, I really didn’t know if I could catch Petty tonight but the track was in great shape and smooth and racy and it played to our hand. For Petty, who was ranked in the top 10 in the USRA National point standings,finishing behind Jackson wasn’t a disappointment. Yes we wanted to win, But to race door to door with the National leader and be right there with him, you learn. Kris always races us clean here at Midway. This was a tough field and with us starting in row 2, was a good spot but I knew the guys from the mid to back pack would be coming. They are that good.

In other feature action, Joe Francis captured the Street Stock feature after getting the lead back from Mark Davis late in taking his 1st of the season, Colt Cheevers took the lead at the halfway point from Kyle Lafferty and then held back Rob Muilenburg to secure the win in the Midwest Modifieds, Jack Wood gathered the Pure Stock feature, point leader Shannon Geller took the lead halfway and from a 6 car battle then held back Corey Henson to take an exciting hornet feature win. The extra money Bomber feature fell to rain with 2 laps completed and will be finished next Friday night just as they left it with Mark Simon leading over Rob White.

Racing continues next Friday night with USRA B Modified action, Street Stocks, Hornets, Midwest Modifieds, Pure Stocks and Bombers. Racing at 8PM with hot laps at 7PM.

USRA Out Pace B Modified Results Presented By S&S U-Pull It Auto Parts

1 (11) 65 Kris Jackson
2 ( 3) 9 Sam Petty
3 ( 7) 317 Eric Turner
4 ( 9) T10 Tyler Brown
5 (1) 83 Dayton Newell
6 ( 2) 8 Dillion McCowan
7 ( 8) 68 Ricky Watkins
8 ( 4) 42J Donnie Jackson
9 ( 5) 8K Tyler Knudtson
10 ( 6) 16m-Brian Myers
11 ( 12) 17s-Kyle Shrum
12 ( 10) 7R-Rich Reynolds
13 ( 13) Kelly Hicks
14 (14) 51 Bill Schaar

Complete Services Pure Stocks

1) Jack Wood 2) Jordan Goddard 3) Justin Roberts 4) Ron Duncan 5) Jim Alexsates 6) Body Gamble 7) Ron Myers.

Green-White-Checkered-Defending Champion Jack Wood takes the lead from Jordan Goddard on lap 4 and drove away for the win. Great race for 2nd place as Goddard has his best finish of the season holding back Roberts for the last 5 laps.

Starnes Auto Street Stocks

1) Joe Francis 2) Mark Davis 3) John Scott 4) Jay Flinn 5) Justin McDowell.

Great finish as Francis gets his 1st of the season-John Scott defending champion gets the early lead. Francis working the top side takes over on lap 3 with Davis close behind. Davis takes the top spot on lap 11 as Francis stays close. On lap 13-Francis launches strong off the bottom in turn 2 to get the lead back and holds on to the win.

Sing Rental Hornets

1)Shannon Geller 2) Corey Henson 3) Dewey Resch 4) Tyler Knudtson 5) James Reynolds 6) Ricky Reynolds 7) Tyson Moore 8) William Garner 9) Ashley Henderson 10) Dennis Williams 11) Shyanne Bauman 12) David Rodden 13) Caleb Price 14) Masson Rodden 15) Kelly Escamilla 16) Jeff Helton 17) Ed Henson 18) Jonathan Finley

Little rough start then good hard racing and tight- Ricky Reynolds grabs the early lead with Resch, Knudtson and about 4-5 others sapping spots. Point leader Geller gets the lead on lap 8 with a pack of 7 others right behind. Last weeks winner Henson gets to 2nd place after starting 12th tonight on lap 13 but not enough time to overtake Geller. Reynolds good run saw him scrap the wall on lap 11 while runnng a close 2nd.

Mi-Kel Midwest Modifieds

1) Colt Cheevers 2) Rob Muilenburg 3) Kyle Lafferty 4) Donnie Gennings 5) Luke Gideon 6) Kyle Bates 7) Zach Cheevers 8) James Epperson 9) Jamie Petty 10) Joe Williams 11) Phillip Jackson 12) Jeremy Hazel 13) Billy Jones 14) Jesse Hawkins 15) Caleb Rhoades 16) Brian Piercy

Good racing-Lafferty jumps to the early lead with Cheevers and Muilenburg close behind. Lafferty looking strong tonight holds back the duo until lap 7 when Cheevers gets around in a 3 wide battle out of turn 4. Muilenburg tries several times to overtake but came up short. Good racing in the entire pack and several good runs by different drivers.

1st State Community Bank Bombers

Rain fell on the extra money feature after 2 laps completed with Mark Simon leading and Rob White running 2nd. This race will start the program next Friday Night the way they were running to see who gets the Extra $$$$.

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