Lebanon Midway Speedway Results 9-22-2018

Lebanon Midway G3 Boat Night Results
USRA Modifieds
1) Ryan Gilmore 2) Kevin Blackburn 3) Robbie Reed 4) Jason Pursley 5) Mickey Burrell 6) Jim Body 7) Colson Kirk 8) Tyler Brown 9) Darrell Franklin 10) Donnie Fellers 11) Danny Martin 12) Steve Muilenburg 13) Scotty Allen 14) Nathan Gold
Gilmore and Pursley redraw the front row as Pursley gets the open shot. Once the green racing got rolling, Gilmore after 3 attempts takes the spot as Kevin Blackburn began his charge at mid race along with Robbie Reed. With 5 to go Blackburn made a lung at Gilmore, But Gilmore kept the groove nice and smooth as Reed went after Blackburn while Colson Kirk who had spun earlier was putting on the show on the top groove. Gilmore earned an extra 100 for Oakley Motors for leading lap 15 and Franklin got the Martin Trucking lottery draw. With Oakley Motor and Knudtson’s 32 garage and sales added purse money netted Gilmore 850 for the win as 2nd and 3 place and 9th and below made a strong payout. From Bud’s Tire and wheel A New American Racer G60 went to Gilmore while 2nd place Blackburn took home a New Racing wheel and Reed a $25 Certificate to Bud’s.Qualifying heat wins went to Reed and Allen.
USRA U-Pull It Auto Parts B Modifieds
1) Sam Petty 2) Steve Muilenburg 3) Mitchell Franklin 4) Cale Turner 5) Tyler Brown 6) Brian Myers 7) Ryan Edde 8) Dayton Newell 9) Donnie Jackson 10) John Fellers 11) Dillion McCowan 12) Donny Bettes 13) Rich Reynolds 14) Dayton Pursley 15) Ricky Watkins 16) Jim Body III 17) Jamie Mauk 18) Brad McKinnion 19) Jeff Hooper
With a 3 row inversion set for the classes tonight
Mitchel Franklin and Donnie Jackson brought the strong field to the green with young Franklin getting the top spot early with Steve Muilenburg, Jackson and 2018 champion Sam Petty following. as Cale Turner and Tyler Brown clse behind. The super fast pace slowed on lap 3 in a rare instance of Muilenburg spinning. On the restart-Petty puts pressure on Franklin as they keep the battle ht and heavy. On lap 8, Petty takes the spot from Franklin as Turner makes his presence known while Muilenburg is charging forward.Petty pulls away as Turner, Franklin, Muilenburg and Brown are tight.Muilenburg moves into 2nd but can’t catch Petty.
Street Stocks presented by Starnes Auto
1) Tim Petty 2) Joe Francis 3) Grayson McKinney 4) Jay Flinn 5) Danny Monroe 6) Bobby Ratterree 7) Dale Berry 8) Sam McDaniel 9) James Keeran 10) Justin Grindstaff
Dash For Cash presented by Knudtson’s 32 Garage and Joe’s Best Car Service. 1) Petty 2) Ratterree 3) Monroe 4) McKinney 5) Berry 6) Francis
With an extra 750 added to the purse from local sponsors the early action was tight as McKinney and Monroe bring the field along with Monroe with McKinney taking the opening spot with 4 cars battling for the lead. It was at the half way when Petty gets the spot. McKinney spins in turn 4 slowing the pace as Ratterree got collected with front nose damage and continued. Francis made a run on Petty as the duo kept the crowd wondering on the outcome as Francis made top groove runs as Flinn cracks the top 3. Petty edges Francis for the win as McKinney charges back to 3rd.
Midwest Mods presented by Mi-Kel Industries
1) Mark Simon 2) Rob Muilenburg 3) Ted Ballinger 4) Jessie Hawkins 5) Bill Joiner 6) Luke Gideon 7) Zach Cheever 8) Matt Williams 9) James Epperson 10) Tony Fincher 11) Brian Piercy 12) TR Phillips 13) Billy Jones 14) Philip Jackson 15) Seth Pendeton 16) Steve Price 17) Tony Wright DNS- Keith Cheever
Simon from the front row outside goes to the top groove and gets the win as Muilenburg tries several times on a late restart but no luck. Lots of clean ad green side by side racing.
Pure Stocks presented by Complete Services
1) Justin Roberts 2) Bodie Gamble 3) Ron Duncan 4) William Garner 5) Shannon Geller 6) TJ Whited 7) Jack Wood 8) Jacob White 9) Greg Dykstra 10) Justin McDowell 11) Richard Adams 12) Aaron Harness 13) Mike Piercy 14) Christopher Sawyer DNS-Mark Simon
Let’s just say a full moon type night in a wild feature with a non-normal Pure Stock night as Roberts benefits from the action.
Hornets presented by Sing Rentals
1) Corey Henson 2) Shannon Geller 3) Tyson Moore 4) James Reynolds 5) Chris Albright 6) Jonathan Finley 7) Shyanne Bauman 8) Jeff Helton 9) Dan Nelson 10) William Garner 11) David Dampier 12) Joshua Jones 13) Masson Rodden DNS-Brandon Neuburg
4 Cars going for the win-Moore jumps to the early advantage. Henson and Geller keep the action tight up front as Reynolds is in the hunt, Henson pulls off the late pass for the win. $50 extra from Knudtson’s 32 Garage went to Albright and Dampier in a lottery draw.
Fall Series continues next Saturday with USRA B Modifieds, Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Hornets along with The St. Louis Vintage Racing Association to compete. The Midwest Modifieds will be having an extra $300 added to the purse from Knudtson’s 32 Garage and Sales.

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