Bloomquist Teams With Promoter Cody Sommer

MOORESBURG, Tenn. — Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer Scott Bloomquist, who is currently sidelined after being injured in a motorcycle accident in March, has forged a business partnership with promoter Cody Sommer.

Sommer, who promotes the Gateway Dirt Nationals and Ohio’s Mansfield Motor Speedway, will manage all business aspects of the Bloomquist brand while also taking on the role of president of the newly-formed organization.

The duo began discussing a possible partnership in 2018 and have officially reached an agreement that sets the stage for the future of the Team Zero organization now and after Bloomquist decides to retire from racing.

Sommer is slated to fill a void by managing the business, which will allow Bloomquist to focus on recovering and racing once he returns to competition.

“When you walk in this shop and you see the history, you understand where this man (Bloomquist) has been and what he is cable of if the pieces of the puzzle all fit right. This decision is something that we are taking very seriously and we have very specific goals in mind,” said Sommer. “Scott’s accomplishments behind the wheel have always set the bar for which the entire sport has strived to be on the race track. This partnership will also allow us the opportunity to set that same bar for the industry off of the race track.”

The team will begin taking on more developmental projects, including building a new car specifically for testing and R&D purposes, a dedicated pull-down area within the race shop headquarters, custom equipment for aerodynamic research and several other functions dedicated to performing on the race track.

“If you sit back and look at the accomplishments he has had with little structure and organization…it really is remarkable,” said Sommer. “Allowing Scott the ability to focus on speed is essential. It will create more accomplishment. I don’t think anyone would disagree that when he is able to focus, he is going to be very hard to beat on the race track, he has proven that over and over again in the past.”

“Over the years I’ve had a lot of great people help me accomplish many things,” said Bloomquist, who is recovering from injuries to his right leg and hip. “This partnership is going to allow us together to accomplish even more. We are going to win more championships, more Dreams, more World 100s and more major events. This is going to allow me the ability to focus on that now more than ever. I’m not dead yet, so just get ready.”

The team will be hiring additional help to support the No. 0 car, but also plans to start a second team in the future.

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  1. When you expand to a second car and look for a driver, check out JC Morton he’s won many feature races,and many big races as well as championships.JC is well known around the area as he’s raced his Bmod at Springfield, Lucas oil speedway, Midway, Humboldt, legit speedway and many other tracks. He’s one of the nicest drivers around,he just needs an opportunity like your second car would bring.

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